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Short term vs LONG term ONLINE PRESENCE

Short Term:

Short Term advertising is the simpliest way everyone advertise nowadays, right?

you prepare your budget and go to Facebook or google and put in the money hoping to see conversions, so If you convert then everything is good and you are are ready to do the same thing the next morning, but what if you don’t? then your budget is gone forever and you will not probably see good results from that campaign later..

it’s the riskiest way of doing things since advertising is not a linear workflow.

you don’t just put the money and wait for the results to come.

it’s more of a circular way of doing things where you have to put the money, analyse, test things again keep doing that until things start to work, assuming that you have enough budget to do that.

Long Term:

Long term presence at the other hand gets you many benefits especially from highly authoritive blogs that been posting for years:

  • Readers will discover your product from day one and still discover it on the blog months and years after you published your promotion.
  •  Your product will not be discovered as an ad, but more as a product that got featured on the blog, it’s a high converting method of discovering products since people are more likely to step away from promotions.
  • You will benefit from every traffic source the website has and every advertisement that the website runs.
  • You are more likely to rank on page one of google, Search Engines trust high authority websites, so they show up first in search results.
  • High Domain Authority Back-links sent to your website are a must to increase your domain authority and optimize your website’s SEO.

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