7 Tips To Add Some Bohemian Style to Your House

What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is a kind of dress or home decor inspired by world travels and free spirits. “Bohemian” comes from a French word to refer to outsiders and the unconventional. Many people who personify the boho style are involved in the arts. They might be attracted to bohemian design because of the colorful, layered decor. Boho style is relaxed but full of bold colors and textures.

Looking to bring warmth and color to your home? Here are some bohemian style ideas:

  1. Get Playful With Colours And Patterns

One of the greatest aspects of the bohemian style of home decor is the use of bright colors and patterns. For an authentic feel, Stick to soft, earthy colours for furniture and rich jewel tones for a truly bohemian look, or you can always DIY the furniture and your workspace to create something that stands out.

Another significant feature of boho decoration is the play of patterns. Focus on intricate patterns such as micro-florals and Moroccan prints with warm or jewel-toned background colors, or Moroccan rugs as a wall hanging. Another way to add both color and pattern to your room is by adding wallpaper. A wallpapered focal wall will make a very big impact and create a perfect base layer for your home in Bohemia.

  • Get The Right Lighting For Your Vibe

Finding the correct lighting is an essential part of the complete bohemian look. The Bohemian style is layered in every way, including lighting. It is important that each room has several light sources and that they are not only functional but also interesting to look at.

Specific lighting is a popular trend right now. Standard overhead lights can be simple and boring. Swap for pendant lighting made from lanterns, baskets or macramé.

Consider sets of string lights with decorative shades, such as lanterns or metal shapes, over each bulb.

  • Embrace Nature

Plants – live or false – are an integral part of every home in the boho. If you’re going for live plants, pick something low-maintenance so they remain lush and stable.

Nature in your home decor should focus on furniture and accessories with natural elements. It may be smooth stone, live edge wood, or even a feathered trim on a bold pillow

  • Maximize Texture With Textiles

Textured textiles are fashionable and work with several types of home decor. In the bohemian style of your house, you want to layer textures along with layered colours and patterns. For example, a layer of hand-woven tribal print pillows on a jewel-toned velvet couch on top of a Moroccan rug. This mixture of colours and textures can make you feel artistic and fascinating, yet comfortable and inviting. That’s the exact point of the boho-chic look.

  • Buy Second-hand

Vintage furniture is a vital part of the bohemian style. You want your room to feel relaxed and welcoming, and worn, broken-in furniture is a vital part of aesthetics.

Vintage furniture also has the added advantage of sturdy hardwood elements. This is a perfect way to add an aspect of nature and combine beautifully with the soft textures of modern textiles. Remember to concentrate on wooden parts with soft, curved lines and edges.

Rugs are a perfect piece of bohemian furniture to buy second-hand. Vintage carpets may be luxurious. Look for the largest rug you can fit into your room, something with a bold, warm-toned design.

  • Use Screens To Divide Your Space

Screens are an interesting feature frequently integrated into bohemian style homes. They might seem counter-intuitive – open floor plans and massive living rooms are all rage – but you have to note that boho homes feel cosy and relaxed.

Screens are so popular because they add an extra layer of texture to your room. The screens can be made of wood, woven or even macramé.

  • Keep Things Cosy with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an important part of the decor of your Bohemian room. Pillows check almost every box in the Bohemian guide – they are comfortable and appealing, have soft lines and can be bold in colour and pattern. You need to throw pillows if you want a boho bed. Layer pillows on pillows on any fair surface. It makes sense to have small stacks of pillows on the rug for an extra comfortable atmosphere.

We hope these tips will inspire you to come up with your Bohemian look. When you’re shopping elements look for something with an interesting texture that contrasts with the textures you already have in your home.